About Our Company.

The original owners of Service Iron & Steel had a vision: Create a steel plant that is responsive to its customers and committed to quality. Since opening in an old coal and ice building in 1945, Service Iron & Steel has built its reputation on filling its customers’ needs, with urgency, precision and quality.

An Akron mainstay on Kling Street, Service Iron & Steel has served a wide range of customers and industries. Whether fabricating work tables for rubber industry or spare parts for trucking companies, or delivering metal to university art students and sculptor Don Drumm, the skilled craftsmen at Service Iron & Steel have demonstrated a devotion to getting it right.

In 2012, second-generation owner Frank Bernert Jr. sold the company to frequent customer H&M Metal Processing, which now operates the plant at its upgraded facility at 1414 Kenmore Blvd. Like Service Iron & Steel, H&M Metal Processing is family-owned and operated – and committed to the Akron community. The company maintains its legacy of service.

“You’re not a number here,” said Mr. Bernert. “You’re a person, and that’s the difference between us and many other companies.”